A Cast of Thousands

At this year’s Little Wars in Melbourne (http://www.littlewarsmelbourne.com), I am involved in two games – presenting one and providing the terrain for a second. the first game is the Charge of the Ice Brigade (see the Armoured Train entries below) while the second is called ‘A Cast of Thousands.’ This game concept is the brainchild of Andrew Boswell and Greg Hallam and departs from the traditional ‘wargame’ in the sense that the combatants are not warriors as such, but movie actors and directors, each vying for the chance to finish their blockbuster first. Each player controls a director and camera crew and has to assemble a cast, a location, and a script and start shooting their movie. It is set on a Hollywood backlot in the 1930s and the terrain will be a series of building facades in various styles – a Wild West town, a Greek temple, a yellow brick road, etc etc.

I’ve begun working on the first few buildings for this – a Western town, with a saloon, a shop front, a bank and a Sheriff’s office. The shop front is almost done and the saloon is well under way at the moment.

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