Wargaming Terrain

Those of you who know me from other sites, such as the One Ring and The Last Alliance, will know that my greatest passion within the Spodding hobby is making terrain suitable for use in tabletop wargaming.

I try to reach a compromise between accuracy and playability. Terrain plays several roles in a tabletop game – it can act as an obstacle to movement or line of sight, it provides defensive bonuses to your troops, it can be an objective in itself. All of these things are tactical or strategic in nature, but I feel there is one additional aspect to terrain that often gets left out of consideration – it provides a context for the game. Place a timber-framed building on a battlefield and immediately, you are battling in Europe. Place some bomb craters nearby and it becomes modern era. Put up a few signposts and propaganda posters and we’re in the Second World War.

But it gos further than that. Close attention to architectural details can place a building in a very specific part of the world.

This is what I strive for in my models. I want people to look at the table, see the buildings and recognise where they are fighting. It adds an immeasurable amount of enjoyment to a game.

This part of my site holds a showcase of my past works as well as some step-by-step guides to producing similar results.

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