20th Century Gaming

The following is a list of model manufacturers that supply 28mm miniature figures or vehicles, suitable for use in 20th Century gaming. As I uncover other figures that would suit, I will update these links.

World War I, Inter-war and Pulp

Copplestone Castings An extensive range of miniatures eminently suitable for Pulp gaming – their Gangsters, Back of Beyond, Darkest Africa and High Adventure ranges in particular are very nice.
eurekalogo-whiteblue Eureka Miniatures British, Turkish and Russian troops of WWI.
Mutton Chop Miniatures A small selection of characterful miniatures suitable for use in a Very British Civil War or similar
Pulp Figures Pulp Figures As comprehensive a range of Pulp Action figures as you could possibly ask for. With Dashing Heroes, Nefarious Masterminds, Sinister Spies and Exotic Beauties, these minis will help you tell your amazing tabletop stories! Great service and excellent models – heartily recommended!
Sloppy Jalopy World War I and Interwar vehicles. Armoured cars, trucks and cars, even a 1910 double-decker bus!

World War II and Weird War

Army Group North
artizan Artizan Designs
An impressive range of figures including some lesser-modelled troops, like French, Italian, and the Resistance. Great quality figures.
btd_company_logo Black Tree Designs
A large range of vehicles, artillery and troops, BTD are a bit ‘hit and miss’ in terms of their quality, but represent excellent value for money. In my own personal experience, I have found their customer service to fluctuate between ‘good’ and ‘should I threaten them with legal action?’.
Baker Company Baker Company
Originally producing a small range of Finnish figures for the Winter War, after a massively successful Kickstarter project, Baker Company have commenced the development of a siognificant range of figures, guns and vehicles to suit this theatre.
ba_newbanner Bolt Action
A wonderful and diverse range of good quality minis and vehicles.
Company B
An interesting collection of vehicles, with some from the Pacific war. They even have some armoured trains!
crusaderlogo Crusader Miniatures
darkson_logo copy Darkson Designs
Some highly detailed and lovely sculpts that can be used for either historical or weird war. From the makers of Alternate Events WWII, a great game.
ebob_logo Ebob Miniatures
His “Great Escape” range of German guards and Allied prisoners offers a rare break from the standard Panzergrenadiers or Waffen SS. Lovely minis and reasonable prices to boot.
eurekalogo-whiteblue Eureka Miniatures
Pulp 28mm WWII figures. Sculpted by Kosta Heristanidis, the Jurassic Reich range encompasses dino-riding Nazis, pulp-inspired GIs, rocketeer troops (still to come) and other shiny goodness.
foundrylogo Foundry
A large range of high quality figures.
incursion Grindhouse Games
Pure Weird War, these figures are for the excellent game Incursion and are excellent quality. Despite being a little larger than most 28mm figures, they are a must-have if you want Nazi zombies or GIs in power armour.
OffensiveBlack Offensive Miniatures
Offering a small but exquisite range of WWII elite troops, Offensive have hit the spot when it comes to quality. Their US Paratrooper models are perfect for recreating Normandy, Operation Market Garden, or the Ardennes, and their Fallschirmjaeger troops are ideal for rescuing Mussolini or assaulting Crete.
westwind West Wind Productions
Makers of miniatures for both Secrets of the Third Reich (weird war) or Berlin or Bust (historical). A huge range of figures for the European Theatre and some excellent Weird War stuff too (zombies – braaaaaaainwurst!).

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