Rosie’s Rocketeers

In a top secret factory on the outskirts of New Jersey, the ‘swing shift’ has just clocked on. The production lines begin to roll as Rosie O’Leary puts on her gloves and grabs her welding gear. The factory is making M-300X Rocket packs, the latest gizmo to add to the already incredible arsenal of the US soldier. Over the din of the machinery, Rosie hears an unfamiliar wailing sound. Other girls on the line have heard it too – an air raid siren! In Jersey? It must be a drill, for sure.

The shift supervisor leans out of her door with the telephone still in her hand and yells “Everybody to the shelters, it’s an air raid!”

Rosie’s Rocketeer began life as a makeshift civil defence unit, fighting to protect their factory and homes. The Nazis had managed to stage a surprise attack on American soil and the girls of the ‘Swing Shift’ strapped on the rocket packs, grabbed their rivet guns, and took to the skies above New Jersey.

The brass saw their heroic actions and formed a secret ‘special operations’ unit from these factory girls for missions behind enemy lines in Occupied Europe.

Eureka Miniatures will (eventually) be producing a range of miniatures in this range to go along with the Dogface GIs and the Jurassic Reich minis. The above concept art is something that (hopefully) will find its way into metal one day.

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