Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s wife for me.

I picked up the ‘Battleframe 5000’ box on Wednesday and unpacked it. For a 4 x 6 table, there are over 200 pieces of timber inside the box and around that number of magnets too, all for about $170AU. When you look at what you have and the flexibility it provides, it’s not bad value to be perfectly honest. For once I am pleased that I am an Australian wargamer, because I don’t have to pay the postage fees for this amazing product.

So I started assembling the modules on Wednesday night. They take about 5 minutes each to construct and there’s little or no chance of making a mistake in their assembly. The pieces are cut to an incredible accuracy, with a precision in the hundredths of a mm making the parts go together with a fit that jigsaw puzzles would dream about. I managed to construct all of the modules in a couple of hours (with a break for coffee) and have begun the process of terra-forming the surface of each one now.

The plan is to make a segment of a tropical island, so I’ve included a section of coastline, a river, and a small plateau. The design is intended to be flexible and re-usable. An afternoon spent with some foam and glue and I’ve achieved quite a bit, more than I though I would in fact.

2 thoughts on “Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirate’s wife for me.

  1. I would have considered this product about two or three years ago, but I ended up buying 1 foot square art boards for my terrain tiles.

  2. Hi Andrew, welcome aboard.

    I tried making some modular tables a few years back also but gave up when it became clear I couldn’t cut them straight to save my life!

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