I love the smell of burning MDF in the morning.

I went out to the Back2Base-IX workshops today and had a really great chat with the guys out there. I meant to just drop in and grab some stuff, but I was there for over an hour and talked to them about all sorts of things, including their long-term plans for the future and also what is on the workbench at the moment. These are two really cool dudes who have some fantastic ideas for the gaming industry.

Their workshop was neatly laid out with moulds all lined up and labelled, all manner of bits and pieces tucked away in their own compartment and barely any clutter anywhere – I was so jealous! My workshop is a mess and there’s hardly a square cm without a piece of crap on it! They do their own laser cutting and the smell of burnt MDF was quite strong. Strong enough to stay with me all afternoon!

I picked up a set of Battleframe 5000 modules, enough to make a 6′ x 4′ table, which will be used to make the Pirate Island table for Bugle Call 2011. The modular nature of this system lends itself to all sorts of terrain features and I really hope I can do it justice!

Unfortunately I got home too late to take pics of the contents before the daylight faded, so I’ll try again tomorrow and update this post.