Another objective achieved

Updates are coming along thick and fast now (heh, won’t last).

Here’s another objective marker – an abandoned campfire, in the lee of an ancient moss-covered ruin.

The ruins are made from offcuts of blue foam, painted with a variety of greys and sand colours. The moss is a blend of two or three ground-up foam flocking material from Heki and Noch (model railway hobby stores mostly). The bottles come from an old Fenryll tavern accessories pack.

The table itself will commence construction next weekend when I get the Battleframe 5000 modules from Back2Base-IX. These laser-cut terrain boards are brilliant and ideally suited for this kind of project – incredibly flexible and modular, you can build an infinite variety of terrain segments and assemble them any way you want to with each game. This is where I am getting them from -> <- and they will be in attendance at this year's Bugle Call too!