Jurassic Reich Covers

It’s been a while since I updated my blog so here’s where things are at on Planet Spodding.

The Jurassic Reich sourcebook is a definite go, hopefully finished in time for Historicon 2011. Work is in progress at the moment writing the text, setting up scenic materials for photography and painting minis suitable for inclusion in the book. I’ve designed the covers and have a good idea of the interior artwork style, but I don’t have much to show for it at the moment.

I’ve also been proofreading Flashing Steel for Andrew and Greg. This is their swashbuckling skirmish game set during the Late Renaissance and the 30 Years War (The Three Musketeers era), being published by Ganesha Games.

And I’ve been heavily involved in organising Bugle Call 2011, a gaming convention running over 2 days at Easter next year. It should be a great time and a load of fun, but I’m shitting myself that the thing will be a failure. Ho hum.

And finally, I’ve been redesigning Eureka Miniature’s website. It’s still a long way from completion, but it should be a bit easier to navigate and also a bit nicer to look at too.

Oh, and work. Lots of that.

Here’s the front and rear cover designs for Jurassic Reich…

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