Ronin rabbits

Not your namby pamby Usagi Yojimbo style bunnies, these guys are killer ninja rabbits from the dark side of the forest! Recently, I was lucky enough to score a set of minis hot off the casting machine of Eureka’s up-coming Ronin Rabbits range that will supplement the frogs and turtles of the Warrior Frogs collection.

The first four are unarmoured ronin, armed with a weapon known as a naginata – essentially a sword blade on the end of a long pole used by samurai. When I first saw the figures I was a little ambivalent about their poses and the lack of accoutrements. But then I painted one and it’s now one of my favourite figures – as a study in animation, this elegant rabbit is simply beautiful. I hope the rest of the range will live up to this.

One thought on “Ronin rabbits

  1. Brilliant job on him Alan, really special paint job on a very cool little character! 🙂

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