Frog Fancies

I have suddenly and irrevocably become enamoured with all things Japanese. Especially their mythology – it’s a world that I have never taken an interest in before and now that I have been introduced to it, my mind is filled with all manner of strange and wonderful images of demons, animal spirits and strange strange things.

This is due to being introduced to a book of the most amazing Japanese wood prints by the 19th century artist Kawanabe Kyosai, depicting all sorts of animals and demons from the Japanese “Spirit Realm.” This book was the inspiration for Kosta Heristanidis’s range of Warrior Frogs and Turtles available from Eureka Miniatures.

So when I got home from my weekend away, all fired up to discover Japanese folklore, I drew up a couple of images of frogs with weaponry – here’s the first image done in Illustrator.

One thought on “Frog Fancies

  1. I really like ‘Killer Kermit’, very nice drawing! Is there anything artistic you aren’t good at? 🙂

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