Turtle Power

While I was in Melbourne last weekend, I managed to pick up one of Eureka’s biggest and most spectacular models to date – the Turtle Tank!

This is a behemoth in 28mm scale. Nine turtle crew members riding in a howda atop a massive turtle (tortoise?) armed with bamboo pikes and two cannons, the model comes in 30 parts and I was actually stopped by security at the airport when they x-rayed my bags because of all the metal in them!

I shall be posting an assembly and painting guide here soon, once I get a few more important tasks out of the way. The model was available at Historicon, where it sold like hotcackes, and it will be released this week I believe (yep, it’s up on the US webstore now here).

Here’s an image of the assembled model courtesy of Eureka Miniatures USA website:

Thanks Nic for your incredible generosity. I hope I can repay you somehow.

One thought on “Turtle Power

  1. Looking forward to seeing how the turtle tank comes out…the pic of it looks really cool! 🙂

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