Rayguns! cover art

While projects like “Atomic Sunset” and the “History of the Runestaff” might have been a little inactive in recent weeks, I have actually been busy helping to bring a new game to completion. A friend of mine has been feverishly producing a ‘pulp-era’ skirmish game based on the matinee serials and dime-store novels of the 1930s. The game is called “Rayguns!” and I have been working on concepts for the cover design. The game is still in heavy playtest mode at the moment, but it looks to be an absolute hoot (I plan on playing my first game of it next weekend) – very cinematic in feel and the emphasis is on the ‘story-telling’ aspect of skirmish games, rather than the tactical side.

Here are two cover concepts I produced – any feedback on which you prefer is welcome, plus any suggestions for improvements.

One thought on “Rayguns! cover art

  1. I like cover #1.
    I think the colors are more exciting and grab your attention better than cover #2.

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