Atomic Sunset poster #2

Well, not a poster as such. More of a magazine advert really. I drew inspiration for this image from the old Green Army Men ads you used to get on the backs of comic books of the 50s and 60s. I was pretty happy with the end result. It will most likely feature in the hobby section of the rulebook.

I’ve been in two minds about where to take Atomic Sunset and how to go about developing and producing the rules. I was leaning heavily towards doing it as a ‘theatre of war’ supplement for Flying Lead by Ganesha Games. That is a very playable ruleset and is gaining a strong following, which are very important considerations. But I just bought a copy of their first supplement, Hearts and Minds, and was singularly unimpressed by the amateurish production values and the excruciatingly bad grammar throughout the book.

So, my current thinking is to develop the game as a standalone ruleset and publish it myself as a PDF document. Still, that idea will no doubt change again before the end of the week.

4 thoughts on “Atomic Sunset poster #2

  1. OK life back in order ready to help. Curious though the kit advertisment you made is this for children? I am glad you thought the same was about rule set as I for a minute there I thought I wrote it. Anyhow keep me updated

  2. The advert was intended as a joke harking back to those old ads for ‘x-ray glasses’ or ‘100 army men’ etc., so it’s supposed to be aimed at children yes.

  3. Dear Sir.
    I have really enjoyed may Fling Saucer kit.
    I have included two box tops and a crown bottle top so please rush me the Atomic powered upgrade.

    Mom and Lassie really like it too.

    Thanks Timmy.

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