I need new eyes.

Trying to model in 10mm is almost beyond the capacity of my pathetic and aging eyesight. Doing the stonework on the Kamarg tower is proving to be a lot more fiddly than I thought it would be and I’ve had to resort to using magnifying lenses so I can see the detail properly. But it’s been fun so far, and this is the first model I have built that is being done specifically with casting in mind. That in itself is adding some interesting challenges to the way I am constructing it – a multi-part model with minimal undercuts and making it hollow to reduce the amount of resin. I need to ensure that a 40mm x 20mm stand of models will fit in the battlements and on the base as well. Lots to consider.

4 thoughts on “I need new eyes.

  1. Looks promissing!
    I can imagine you go for a resin or a partial resin solution here.
    I know that cutting these kind of areas are quite labour intensive but once this is done I know for sure it is very rewarding.
    I wander why you cut the tower in 2 segments rather then making a temporary cast of the whole octagonal shape. Hope to see more of this project.



  2. Thanks boys. Gerard, the reason for making it as a half-octagon is so I can produce a single model that can be used for both sides of the tower. At least that was the idea – I doubt that it is perfectly symmetrical and so won’t match up neatly along the joints.

    Anyway, this is the very first thing I have made that is for commercial sale, so I am trying my hardest to make it as neat as possible.

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