Kamarg prepares for war

I’ve started construction of the tower base now. It’s a 10mm scale model and this is the first time I’ve attempted anything that small before, so it’s going to be an interesting challenge. A friend of mine suggested it’s best not to try not to add too much detail, so I’ll keep that in mind as I progress with this.

The piece I’ve made is the circular base at the bottom of each tower. It has a spiral track cut into it that is intended to show how the building will retract into the ground. I tried to make the track as smooth as possible so it may actually be possible to fit some lugs into the base and get it to rotate up and down – I’m sure someone will try!

I don’t know how well these photos illustrate what I am trying to achieve, but it’s still early days yet. The figures standing next to the model are from Eureka’s 10mm fantasy range. Apologies for the over exposed images:

2 thoughts on “Kamarg prepares for war

  1. What did you make this out of dude so far looks awesome but things always do when you make them

  2. It’s made from 40mm PVC piping, coated with Polyfilla and the stonework carved into it. I sanded the Polyfilla smooth so that it’s not as textured as I would normally do for a 28mm scale model.

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