An Incursion of Zombies

These guys have been staring at me for the past few months with their big dead eyes, pleading to be painted. I have around 50 Nazi zombies waiting for me to find the time to give them the attention they deserve. The zeds are for the game “Incursion” from Grindhouse Games (link there’s a down below) and, together with the power-armoured GIs from the Lucky 7th and some British MI13 operatives, form the bulk of my current painting backlog. So far I have 6 models painted out of a total of 68 for this game. Damn! Not even 10%.

Ok, guys, you’re up next!

Who wants to be first? Sarge? Ilsa? Or will it be Lt Murphy? This is my current mission in life, reduce this backlog to something more respectable, perhaps even zero!

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