A new theme arises

I just uploaded the mighty fine-looking theme “Pixeled” available on the WordPress site. Remarkably easy to install – just copy it to the right spot and you’re done! Impressive. Although after playing with phpBB for many years I am surprised at how much is hard-coded into the style, so you do need to have sound HTML and PHP skills to modify the wording of the various bits.

Next on the list is to install the Lightbox gallery software – it’s such a cool way of displaying images. Been meaning for some time to understand how it works in order to integrate it into the OR galleries.

2 thoughts on “A new theme arises

  1. Very cool theme Alan! 🙂
    Site is looking sharp!

  2. Thanks Dave.

    I’ve just uploaded the Lightbox library so that the images now show up in a cool, browsable window. Plus, I updated to the latest version of WordPress.

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