Gone completely mouldy

My workbench is completely covered in mould(s)!

As a way of reducing the repetition and speeding up the building process for my Jurassic Reich and Incursion projects, I have made a number of master models and created moulds, so that I can repeatedly cast as many copies as I need.

In particular, I made a 7″ x 4″ section of random stone wall that I cast and use as cladding over a base made of foam or card stock. I also made moulds of a brick pillar, some steps, and several floor tiles for my 3D “Incursion” game table.

Guilty secret time…

As well as creating my own, I just bought two moulds from Hirst Arts for making terracotta roofs and cobblestones. Both of these are of the highest quality, but I think the cobblestones are too exaggerated and so I may not use it for this project.

So after years of sneering at people who use HirstArts moulds because they can’t scratch build their own terrain, I have fallen into their ranks. Oh the shame!

Pics to follow when I get near my camera.

The boxed mould is one that is still setting (takes a few hours). It holds some Incursion floor tile master models.

5 thoughts on “Gone completely mouldy

  1. I’ve never used Hirst Arts moulds…are they difficult to use?

  2. Nah, dead easy. They don’t need mold release at all, so you can just pour your plaster into them, scrape off any excess, bang the workbench with a hammer to release air bubbles, and then leave them to set.

    The rubber is better quality than the mixture I use, and the moldings are crisp and very precise in their dimensions (in units of inches). They are better than I can produce – which is a difficult admission for me, being such an egoist.

    I still hold a low opinion of the stone texture for the basic blocks – far too artificial for my liking – but some of the specialized moulds are quite nice. I think I will offer some up as prizes for the One Ring Awards next year.

  3. Thanks Alan, I may have to check them out someday.

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