Tabletop World – stunning stuff

For a couple of years, I have been eyeing up the model buildings from Tabletop World (clicky linky thing) and trying to decide whether I should buy some or not. If you haven’t seen their work before, then I strongly suggest you take a look – it’s simply gorgeous.

A little while ago I coughed up the cash and ordered a Cottage model. It came in the post on Thursday and, straight out of the box, blew me away. It is every bit as stunning as these photos make out. I still need to paint the interior, but the exterior is done. Interestingly, the interior doesn’t feature a fireplace on the other side of the chimney – I expect that was purely due to casting difficulties.




I think there may be more of this coming my way, but sparingly, as it’s not cheap (the cottage was 28.50€ plus shipping).

(The cart is from Games Workshop and usually has Gandalf sitting in it).