Ey Up (part 3)

I just received a model of the ‘Velocitas’ in the post today from my good friends at Eureka Miniatures. I have to say, this is the oddest vehicle I’ve ever seen. Only Eureka would ever dream of producing such a model and I take my hat off to them for their initiative, their adventurous spirit and their sense of humour.

It’s a splendidly detailed model with 12 passengers and a driver, plus a four horse team. I shall name each person as I paint them and they will tell me their life stories and we shall become the closest of chums. Wait, did I really say that?

Hmm, moving on.

The early version I received doesn’t have all the accoutrements that will go with the finished product, but this is enough for me to work out the width and height of the Angel Inn’s archway. Those dimensions in turn will help me to determine the rest of the tavern’s features.


Thanks Nic.