Ey up (part 2)

Been doing a bit of research on the (now demolished) Angel Inn at Malton, and I think it’s safe to say there’s 2/3 of sod all info out there. This is what I know:

  • It was built in 1711 and torn down in 1880
  • Situated on the corner of Saville Street and Yorkersgate, the main entrance was off Saville Street.
  • The front door was up three or four steps from the street and the road itself rises around 1 in 20, maybe 1 in 25
  • An archway led off Saville Street to the stables and coach-house behind the pub
  • The street was cobbled

Not a lot to go on, but we can make some deductions. If there was an archway, then the building itself was at least two storeys tall. The predominant architectural style of the time it was built was Late English Baroque, but there’s every chance that the windows and facade would have some early Georgian aspects. At the time the vignette is set, the building is 100 years old and so would be showing signs of age.

Having taken a virtual tour of Malton and surrounding villages on Google Street View, I have come up with a building design that I believe captures many of typical features of the period and location, and also meets all of the known facts above. If Nic is happy with it, then I’ll make a start on this straight away (the roof is going to be the killer).