Taking Stock

More for my own benefit than for any passers-by, today’s entry is a review of what I have achieved in Gaming this year and what I need to get happening!!!

  1. Run Little Wars Adelaide. Done! And done very successfully I might add. It was exhausting and consumed most of my conscious thought for a few months, but the show went off like a rocket and everyone seemed to have good time.
  2. Paint 2 squads of British Expeditionary Force troops. Hmm, not quite so done. I have completed 5 figures out of 20.
  3. Paint 3 squads of early war German Heer. Mmm, even less done. Only 5 out of 30 – ok, that’s a priority.
  4. Make a serious start on my Atomic Sunset rulebook. This one is looking large in my consciousness at the moment, as I really want to do something with the idea before someone else does.
  5. Collaborate with Andrew on his hard sci-fi rule book. Actually, this is going well. Andrew has made a lot of progress, and now that I have finally decided that I will commit to it, I’m finding I am excited about contributing to it and am coming up with good ideas. I’ve even started making the terrain for a demonstration game – the flooded ruins of Old Miami
  6. Rivendell model. I made a start at least, but the project got put on the back burner once Little Wars started to approach and my time was heavily mortgaged (to misquote Tolkein).
  7. Nafferton Church model and dice tower Er, yeah. Not even started this one.
  8. Start a D&D campaign. Started one (and had a ball), and I still plan on running further sessions when my family congregates in January. But by then I need several more figures painted, a number of encounters and a reasonably well developed plot-point campaign. Loads of work to do on this yet. But I have started.

Finger extracting time!