Atomic Sunset

Ah, the gentle buzz of flying insects on a summer’s day. The coolness of freshly made lemonade, sipped in comfort on the porch while the kids play on the lawn. The roar of engines as the National Guard race past in their half-tracks, on their way to fight a new outbreak of giant bugs.

Atomic Sunset is back on the agenda! Yay!

Andrew and I are now ramping up the development of this project. The plan is vague at the moment, but essentially we will Kickstart a model range while developing a ruleset based on the Savage Worlds engine. Our source material will be real-world UFO reports, 1950s sci-fi books, comics, movies and tv shows. It’s been sitting there in the back of my mind now for three years and I am loving the fact that we’re going to bring it to the market!

Bert the Turtle says “Walking undead? Aim for the head!”