Jurassic Reich in North Africa

I just took delivery of an order from Artizan Designs for several 28mm Afrika Korps figures. Riflemen, NCOs, LMG teams, a mortar team and a MMG team – enough for 3 squads, a command unit and two heavy support teams when added to some old Black Tree Design figures I’ve had collecting dust in the shed for a few years. These will form the regular German forces for a Jurassic Reich scenario, and we’ll add in some Kriegsclaws and Stukadactyls too.

Now I need to paint them – hmm, better start straight away, I’ve only got a year to go.

Andrew and I are gearing up for this book now, finally. Having found an extremely talented artist to help us, we’re in the process of developing the rulebook and pitching it to Pinnacle Entertainment as a ‘Savage Worlds’ volume.