Yes, it’s real and it’s in Transylvania

With my castle concepts still suffering from a lack of creepiness, I took to Google today and cast the net outside of Germany for inspiration. And hit the jackpot. This place is called Corvin Castle and is in Transylvania (a part of Romania). When I saw the photo below, I thought initially that it was a movie set, but it turns out to be a real place. In daylight it is beautiful, but with this lighting, it is possibly the creepiest castle on the planet.

Corvin Castle

This will be my inspiration!

I want to make a model that I can use in a number of games beyond the exhibition game in May. I plan on using this with AE-WWII, SoTR, Warmachine, Pax Limpopo and Rules of Engagement. It will be compatible with any European conflict from the 14th century onwards.

4 thoughts on “Yes, it’s real and it’s in Transylvania

  1. In May you mean 2010? And yes this is an awesome inspiration.

  2. Agreed! And I have already started. Obviously the castle is one heck of a lot of work, but I can make it easier by pre-casting a lot of things such as wall surfaces and rooftiles.

    The London board from last year’s convention took so long because I had to make 64 windows for the 5 storey building, and so this time around I’ll use some commercially available windows and save myself the time and effort.

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