Amazing Adventures!

Welcome, action fans, to the next instalment in the amazing adventures of Doc Halloway and Polly…

A few friends and I are planning a weekend getaway of Pulp Action gaming sometime next year (2013), with rugged heroes, sinister spies, exotic beauties and unscrupulous gangsters, all duking it out to achieve the ultimate prize (whatever that may be). The idea is that each person provides several figures, some terrain and a scenario for everyone to play. A story will be cobbled together using these elements over a couple of day.

To this end, I have decided to build a dockyard scene (which will also fit in with my Jurassic Reich project). I know roughly what I’m going to build and my first effort towards this is a small shipping office that will sit alongside a larger warehouse on the wharf. I will detail the interior a bit too so that figures can move inside, Oh, and the windows are glazed, in case you’re wondering.

NOTE: The figure and truck were painted in shades of grey as an experiment to see how well they look. I had plans on doing a gangster game with everything done in black and white. Still might.

4 thoughts on “Amazing Adventures!

  1. The roof is amazing mate I assume it is several washes to get that rust effect?

  2. Thanks John. There is a wash of a rusty red paint on it, yes, just to tone down the gray of the base coat. but mostly it’d done with those raw pigment powders you sent me ages ago (still use them and reckon they were excellent).

    I’ve still got the other half of the roof to do, so I’ll take some in-progress shots of it if you like.

  3. OK more lovely pics and a few questions. The building was made from foam core then covered in sheets of balsa which you “carved” to look like boards or are those really individual pieces? Either way totally awesome. now second question to get the weathered look did you paint a grey undercoat then white and did you use the “salt” method or the “hairspray” method or your mad skills? This does look incredible though very impressive. How long did it take over all?

  4. The walls were made from 600gsm card – pretty thick, but still warps when you paint it or glue it :S. I cover it with a 1mm thick sheet of balsa cut to size, and then run a sharp 6H pencil down it to make it look like boards.

    I painted it grey first and then randomly painted over parts of the boards with thinned white (slightly off-white actually) leaving more of the grey showing at the bottom of the walls and also in the gap between the boards. Then I took some sandpaper to it and rubbed away more of the white.

    Lastly I used your weathering powders to add some grime and rust to it, and then sprayed it with Tamiya matt varnish.

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