Belegost – Substrata

The stairs shown in the previous post need to sit raised above the level of the river as it cascades down the mountain side. In order to do this I have cut a base out of some 25mm styrofoam and clamped it to an MDF base. I base everything with wood these days, as styrofoam is easily damaged and the MDF gives it some additional sturdiness. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found an inexpensive adhesive that really bonds well with the foam. PVA does ok but takes days to dry. Sticking with what I know (hehe, sticking, I crack me up), I used PVA to glue the foam to the base and clamped it together – I’ll leave it until next weekend to set properly.

One thought on “Belegost – Substrata

  1. Ah winter in aussie land oh and the project looks awesome mate

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