Group North Open Day

My good friends at the Group North Historical Wargaming Society are celebrating their 40th anniversary this October and are putting on an extra special Open Day to commemorate the occasion.

One of the oldest wargaming clubs in Australia, possibly the oldest, Group North have been a fixture in this state for as long as I can remember. Heinz, Simon, Paul, Marcus, Ross, Greg, Alan, Wendy and all the other folks out there are absolutely devoted to the hobby and their open days are always friendly and welcoming and have some amazing games in play. This year will be no exception and will be bigger than any other event they’ve ever held.

Held on the weekend of the 27th and 28th of October, entry is free and there will be a number of traders on hand to coax your hobby budget out of your wallet!

Where are they?
A.E. Martin Hall (Building 36),
South Australia

How Much?

I will be there on both days, running a game and probably doing terrain making demonstrations.