Ey up (part 1)

I’ve been commissioned to make a building facade by my friend Nic Robson (Eureka Miniatures), to go with his pet project. The building is of a Georgian pub in a little Yorkshire village called Malton – the pub is called the Angel Inn (actually, it became known as the New Angle Inn since there was another pub at the other end of the street with the same name). Built in 1711 and demolished in 1882, the pub featured an archway to the stables off the main street, and through this roadway, Mr. Robert Groves drove his “Fly-boat” (The Velocitas) twice a week to Hull via Driffield. The ‘fly-boat’ was a converted life-boat.

Nic’s project is to have Alan Marsh make the fly-boat and a horse team and driver (in 28mm scale), and he has asked me to make a detailed backdrop for the scene. Unfortunately, there appears to be no known photographs of the pub, and so I will have to be a little creative in the design and yet sensitive to the period and location. Hopefully a bit of research will turn up some etchings of the street.

Behold! The Velocitas! (image sourced from the Malton and Norton Community Website – link)

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