Wings of Glory – scratchbuild

Ok, not much to see at the moment, it’s early days yet. And, being fair, it may go the way of many other projects of mine… languishing in a box in the corner of the shed, waiting for the day that it will seem shiny and new to me again (a bit like Toy Story 3).

Recently, Sam and I have been playing a fair bit of Wings of Glory, and the little Fokker keeps shooting me down (Hehe, see what I did there?) Actually, he usually flies a Sopwith Camel, but that didn’t sounds as funny. Yeah ok.

Anyway, looking at what other planes were available I was gobsmacked at the heavy WWI bombers that Ares produces – the Gotha and Caproni. Those things are huge! I will buy myself an official Gotha or two in time, but I thought perhaps I could make my own Allied bomber to even things out a little. The Handley Page O/400 beckoned…

I know that Shapeways provides a whole range of models, but I am a scratchbuilder at heart and the challenge appealed to me. So digging around on the interwebs, I found a couple of plans and a wealth of photographs – enough to make a start at least. And if I get stuck I can always go and get the 1/72 Airfix kit and see exactly how they have done it.

I got wood

I got wood

What it's supposed to look like

What it’s supposed to look like

The basics of the fuselage

The basics of the fuselage

3 thoughts on “Wings of Glory – scratchbuild

  1. Mmm… As expected, it’s kinda not going, much. I’ve been building hedgerows instead for recreating the Battle of France in 28mm, but yeah, the O/400 is languishing a bit.

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