On the table today

Madame la Guillotine!

This piece is part of Eureka’s magnificent “War’s of the French Revolution” range, sculpted by Alan Marsh. It started off as a guillotine and prisoner, plus some guards and a number of onlookers. It has grown to include a second prisoner and guard, two victims and their heads, a wagon, driver and team and (dare I say it) a highly detailed backdrop of a French chapelle (the master model was made by yours truly).

It’s going to take me a while to paint this set since there are over 20 figures plus two horses and I’m not renowned for my speed painting skills. At the moment I’m working on the building, getting it to how I envisioned it during the construction phase – yellow sandstone and grime, perhaps with strands of ivy growing up the wall, lichen on the roof and water stains down the walls.

I’ve painted the guillotine itself and one figure – several others are partially painted, but it seems that when I get one done, 22 more arrive in the mail. A bunch of Somali militia arrived from Eureka yesterday that are just astounding – a big distraction from this project. Ho hum.

Pictures (more to come as things get painted):

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