Modulare Venezia

My latest project – building a small section of Venice for an upcoming demo game. Andrew and I are going to run a game based on the world of Solomon Kane (one of Robert E Howard’s pulp heroes) at a future Little Wars, probably in 2013, but it depends on how distracted we (I) get by other shiny things.

My intention is to make the table modular, so that it can be rearranged into a large variety of configurations, thereby enabling maximum replay value. Other historical and fantasy games, such as Carnivale or 7TV, can be played on it as well, since it is quite a timeless place.

Our ruleset will be the Savage World’s miniature game, Showdown, and figures will come from a variety of sources. I have a few Carnivale figures (lovely they are too, but a pig to assemble) that will suit, but the period of our game is set 200 years earlier so the costume is a bit different.

But no matter – I’m not an expert on such things so I’ll talk about what I am doing instead, which is the terrain.

Using Back2Base-IX’s excellent Battle Frame 5000 range of modular table sections, I am constructing a number of 30cm x 30cm tiles, each with a different yet interlocking terrain element on it. A series of lower 15cm x 15cm tiles will be modelled to represent the water-level and can be placed in between the other boards to create a canal system. There will be a number of bridges that can be removed and/or relocated, in order to give different tactical options from one game to the next.

Sounds cool eh?

I’ve started making two of the terrain boards and have a bridge almost finished. I plan to have 12 terrain tiles, six bridges and enough water modules for two 4′ long canals. And then I can add to it as time (and care-factor) allows.

2 thoughts on “Modulare Venezia

  1. Alan curious did you do this brick in your normal way or have you become mor
    e creative

  2. The bricks are the usual polyfilla and scriber technique, but I sanded it back until it was very smooth to create a textural contrast with the stucco.

    I’ve not progressed this project much, being distracted by websites, contract work, and conventions. But it’ll get some more love and attention around the holiday period, hopefully.

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